"She came into the world as a vaginal breech baby....I know hypnobirthing helped a lot to deliver in such a calm way given our special circumstances."

Poppy’s birth

"Thank you so much for everything you taught us in the hypnobirthing class, we had the most incredibly positive experience welcoming our little boy!"

Billy’s birth

"Your course definitely helped prepare my husband and I to take on the wild and empowering journey of labour and birth..."

Vada’s birth

"Her birth was everything I had dreamed of. This time going into birth preparing for a VBAC I felt so much more prepared."

Marigold’s Birth

"A MASSIVE thank you - everything went as well as I could have hoped for!"

Matina’s birth

"It was an incredible crazy experience!"

Nora’s birth

"We loved Hypnobirthing!"

Harvey’s birth

"Your course really helped me deal with all the information that was thrown at me."

Ziora’s birth

"It was such a special experience!"

Theodore’s birth

"I am in awe of the entire process"

Felix’s Birth

"I have no hesitation in saying of course I would do it again!"

Joshua’s Birth

"Halfway through crowning I said “I thought this would hurt more”"

Emma’s Birth

"It was such a positive experience"

Lucy’s Birth

"Intense, incredible, emotional"

Zoe’s Birth

"I am loving telling the story"

Kip’s Birth

"We are so thankful we got to have the birth we wanted"

Jack’s Birth

"I was calm, wasn’t scared, felt informed"

Mack’s Birth

"What a wonderful experience giving birth was"

Hugo’s Birth

"We’re so grateful for everything we learnt through the hypnobirthing course"

Sienna’s Birth

"We had a fairly good labour, but had a little bit of a hiccup towards the end"

Sienna’s Birth

"We love thinking and talking about our pregnancy, our birth and our boy."

River’s Birth

"I felt empowered enough to challenge the hospital and had the most incredible birth experience."

Zoe’s Birth

"Whilst is wasn’t the birth I’d desired, it was a wonderful experience!"

Vivienne + Olympia’s Birth

"She won’t blow her own trumpet but she was amazing!"

Skyla’s Birth

"We had the freaking BEST BIRTH EVER!!!"

Louis’ Birth

"It helped so much not to be scared and stay positive throughout the pregnancy"

Mila’s Birth

"My body and baby knew what they were doing, all I had to do was show up!"

Malakai’s Birth

"I’m still on cloud nine after the birth"

Eleanor’s Birth

"I trusted Ricky had it. I trusted bubba had it."

Koa’s Birth

"Flo was AMAZING and knew exactly what I needed when I needed it"

Andreas’ Birth

"I can without a doubt say that hypnobirthing was one of the best things I did to help us prepare for this day"

Zoe’s Birth

"I spent my entire pregnancy preparing my mind & body for a positive birth"

Kalea’s Birth

"I had a really positive birth experience and 2 days later I was already talking about when we do this again"

Axel’s Birth

"It was honestly the most wonderful experience"

Florence’s Birth

"I’m so pleased to have had such a different experience than the first time."

Julian’s Birth

"Even though it didn’t go to our original plan, it was perfect in every way! "

Kiaan’s Birth

" My husband was amazing & so grateful he had learnt so much in the course to help me during labour"

Matilda’s Birth

"Our bodies are amazing, you will find an inner strength you never knew you had during birth!"

Isla’s Birth

"We both feel so empowered by the birth.. All thanks to hypnobirthing!"

Stevie’s Birth

"Rabab’s birth and how hypnobirthing + doula support helped her birth her baby boy!"

Zach’s Birth

"This was nothing like my two other births... it was a completely different experience. I'm so proud of myself!"

Pia’s Birth

"Verna’s video account of Ahelia’s amazing birth!"

Ahelia’s Birth

"Mum Alli’s wonderful VLOG about the birth of baby Daisy!"

Daisy’s Birth

"Angela’s birth story of her second child Maya."

Maya’s Birth

"The birth of baby Ella by parents Jo & Louis"

Ella’s Birth

"Holly’s fantastic birth story about the birth of daughter Clara!"

Clara’s Birth

"We felt so prepared and educated before I went into labour"

Archie’s Birth

"We actually had an amazingly calm birthing experience "

Penny’s Birth

"We walked away from the course feeling really informed, educated and comfortable with what was coming"

Mila’s Birth

"My husband & all the staff at the hospital encouraged me till the end which truly made a difference"

Dario’s Birth

"I have never felt such happiness, power and strength in myself as I did in that moment"

Daisy’s Birth

"The most amazing, beautiful, miraculous, strengthening, loving and awakening experience of my life"

Fatima’s Birth

"Our midwife said she was so happy to have been part of such a lovely birth experience"

Annaliese’s Birth

"Even just 6 weeks later I think I’m ready to do it again!"

Michael’s Birth

"I am very proud and happy with my experience it couldn’t have been any better!"

Penelope’s Birth

"A ‘textbook’ delivery!"

Gabriel’s Birth

"We feel such a closeness from the incredible birthing experience we had!"

Ella’s Birth

"My second birth has healed the experience of my first in more ways than I knew I needed"

Charlie’s Birth

"I could not have asked for a better birth and I know for a fact that was due to the hypnobirthing class!"

Alistair’s Birth

"My support team was pretty awesome"

Andreas’ Birth

"It really was a super positive experience despite being longer and tougher than we both expected."

Nora’s Birth

"I had done so much meditation that I found I never got hysterical or panicked."

Phoebe’s Birth

"The VBAC of our dreams!"

Dorothy’s Birth

"The one emotion I never felt was fear"

Luna’s Birth

"What the class did teach me was that I have nothing to be afraid of"

Valerie’s Birth

"Now we know that fairy-tales do happen in reality too"

Taha’s Birth

"It was definitely the best birth experience even if not everything went to plan"

Max’s Birth

"Not the birth I’d imagined but I’m happy with the way things turned out"

Clarence’s Birth

"I had the most amazing waterbirth with no intervention!"

Aisling’s Birth

"Everything went extremely smoothly at birth"

Olena’s Birth

"I felt high on love and absolutely empowered by the experience"

Ariel’s Birth

"it can only be described as a GREAT birth!"

Ahelia’s Birth

"A marathon birth with baby calm and relaxed throughout"

Lilith’s Birth

"Labour was fast!"

James’ Birth

"She arrived on ANZAC Day peacefully at our home"

Maavi’s Birth

"When she slipped out of me I just couldn’t believe it! I gave birth and it seemed so easy!!!"

Cassandra’s Birth

"Hypnobirthing allowed us to have three stress-free, calm and perfect birth experiences"

Dad of 3

"Training for birth like an Olympic athlete!"

Lola’s Birth

"The birth was not what I expected but I wouldn’t change it, it was a magical experience in the end"

Freya’s Birth

"We handled every situation the calmest way possible!"

James Alexander’s Birth

"All of it was worth it in the end"

E’s Birth

"Maya’s amazing water birth!"

Maya’s Birth

"The home birth of the gorgeous Archie!"

Archie’s Birth

"I truely feel like birthing was a positive experience"

Alfie’s Birth

"It empowered me to feel like I owned my body. "

Clara Ann’s Birth

"It was the most incredible experience and I would do it a million times over."

Ernie’s Birth

"Isla is the most placid and happy little baby, Nick & I are completely smitten & loving every minute of this journey."

Isla’s Birth

"The first hypnobub of 2017 has arrived!"

Tenzin’s Birth