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Billy’s birth

"Thank you so much for everything you taught us in the hypnobirthing class, we had the most incredibly positive experience welcoming our little boy!"

Hi Kerry,


Thank you so much for everything you taught us in the hypnobirthing class, we had the most incredibly positive experience welcoming our little boy Billy on the 18th of March.


*Due Date ~ 17th March 2022*

Leading up to our due date I was fortunate enough to have Uni to keep me distracted from the waiting game.
Our due date was St Paddy’s Day and the last day of my semester was 18th March.
As we were taught in the course, we planned something for our due date. Being St Paddy’s day, I made an Irish breakfast treat, planned to make a Sheppard’s pie with a side of curry chips, get my nails done and do some last minute shopping.
I submitted my final assessment on the 16th of March to ensure I could thoroughly enjoy our due date plans.

How our day went:

6am ~ We woke at our usual time, I prepped and made Jambons. I couldn’t really believe our due date was here! Although I wasn’t feeling anything different, I knew we wouldn’t have many days left until our little guy arrived.

7.30am ~ My partner went to work. With no work and no Uni, I was actually feeling a bit lost as to how I should fill my day. I started cleaning and doing the washing to pass the time.

10.45am ~ I went to Leichhardt to get my nails done and have a foot massage.

11.15am ~ Whilst getting my nails done I felt the first period like cramp. I didn’t think too much of it, I thought maybe I was sitting in the same position for too long…

12pm ~ I went for an hour long foot massage, I knew it’d be a while before I enjoyed one of these again! From the moment I got there, I felt cramping around every 8-10 minutes. About half way through, I messaged my partner ‘I think its happening!’ I told him not to rush home as this could take hours and I still wasn’t 100% sure it was *it*.

2pm ~ I started on the sheppards pie that I was certain we would be having for dinner! I got the filling done, there was no way I’d get the potatoes finished.

3.30pm ~ My partner got home and started timing the contractions, they were about 6 minutes apart lasting about 30-45 seconds. He was on a zoom meeting and I’d just nod at him every time one was coming, I’d then just walk up and down the hallway until it had passed and give him another nod to signal it was finished.

4pm ~ My partner got the bath ready. He lit candles and turned on the hypnobirthing affirmations on spotify that I’d been listening too in the weeks leading up to this day. He barely left my side! (Except to finish the potatoes and put the pie in the oven, we still thought we would be eating dinner!)
I stayed in the bath for about 4 hours ~ the water really helped as the intensity increased. My partner kept reminding me to breathe, something I didn’t realise I would forget to do!

7pm ~ Our contractions were about 3 minutes apart and lasting 60-90 seconds. My partner called the Birth Centre for the 3rd time and they instructed us to come in.
We didn’t plan for how difficult it would be to get out of the bath, dried and dressed all whilst managing the contractions!

8pm ~ We finally made it into the car and were on our way to the Birth Centre! My partner knew exactly the route to take as we had practiced it. He put the affirmations on in the car and I tried to stay in the sane positive mindset and breathe through each contractions.

8.30pm ~ After checking into the hospital, the midwife did a vaginal examination ~ we were 6cm dilated! This was the only examination to be done. She already was preparing the bath when we got to the room.
I would be in the bath for the next 4.5+ hours.
Through this whole period, we had our affirmations playing in the background, my partner gave gentle massages and soft touches. I couldn’t wait to hold my baby in my arms ~ he was almost here.
The midwife completely left us to do our thing, I hardly noticed her there. She checked our baby’s heart rate every 15 minutes with the doppler.

10.30pm ~ I started using gas and air, this really helped regulate and slow my breathing when things were getting intense.

12.54am ~ After 21 minutes of pushing and the most amazing and positive birth.  Billy was here!!

Hypnobirthing really taught us what to expect, how to own our birthing journey, what my partner could do to assist and how to put everything into practice.

Techniques we used
☆ Affirmations mood board
☆ Affirmations playing in the background
☆ Water immersion
☆ Dim lighting
☆ Candles and oil diffuser whilst at home.
☆ Breathing
☆ Light touch and massage

We felt empowered leading up to and throughout the birth. Whilst we knew to be prepared for anything to happen, we were fortunate to have our birth go how we planned and didn’t need to make any changes.

Thank you so much Kerry, we wouldn’t of had such a wonderful experience if it wasn’t for you xx

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