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Axel’s Birth

"I had a really positive birth experience and 2 days later I was already talking about when we do this again"

Proud new parents Felicity and Charl share the news of their little boy Axel joining us…

I found so much joy and reassurance reading other people’s positive birth stories during my pregnancy so I’m happy to share mine and give the same back….


On Tuesday the 17th of November I went into my routine midwife appointment. On arrival she checked my blood pressure which was slightly high, she said because of this she was going to check for protein in my urine but was sure everything would be ok and also retake my blood pressure. She also checked my cervix at this appointment and to my delight I was already 1.5 cm dilated.


At the end of my appointment she took my blood pressure again and it was normal (this sometimes happens to me as I get anxious going into appointments) anyway she still checked my urine and there was a slight reading of protein. She said she was going to talk to the Dr’s about it when she got back to the hospital and let me know what they said, it was no big deal. Left the appointment and 2 hours later she called me and told me that she had a chat to the Dr’s and they wanted me to come in for monitoring. I had some lunch and headed up to the hospital. When I got there they got me to do another urine sample and they hooked me up to a machine to monitor bubs heart rate and every 20 min took my blood pressure and every time it was perfect. They also took a sample of my blood to send off for good measure too. I was there for a few hours and bloods came back perfect BUT I still was slightly above the ‘ok’ mark with the protein in my urine (think cut off is 30% and I was 33%) the Dr’s and my midwife came around and talked to me about having an induction as it would be safer for baby to be here with me as I was 39 + 4. I was in shock as this is not the way I had planned my birth to go. The Dr’s wanted to start my induction that night and I asked if I went home to have a sleep in my own bed that night and instead came in tomorrow to start my induction if I would be putting baby at risk. This Dr went and called the head Dr in charge and they agreed it would be ok if I went home that night to have a good sleep and came in the next day at 7am.


I went home and cried and cried and cried as it’s just not the way I had planned my bubs birth to go. Anyway I eventually got myself together and had a few hours sleep and made sure all my hypnobirthing things were packed and I was as prepared as I could be.


Went into the hospital with Charl the next day and mentally woke up in a MUCH better head space and ready to tackle what ever obstacles I had to face that day.

We were taken up to our room by my midwife and it was such a lovely room. We set up our music and our oils diffuser and made the room feel like a really peaceful happy place. I had loads of snacks packed and Charl went to get us coffees .


When he came back my midwife broke my waters and then I leaked every where, Charl and I were laughing at all the liquid coming out as I was walking around the room.


The Dr’s who were on duty came around and talked to me about what was going to happen that day and I felt really comfortable after talking to them.



At 10am we started the Oxytocin drip, which started off really low. I got changed into my little comfortable black dress and Charl and my midwife and I chatted away about lots of different stuff.


About an hour in I felt the contractions start and they were very mild. My midwife went and got me an exercise ball so I could start rolling around on that and Charl attached me to my TENS machine. The TENS machine was AMAZING by the way and it really worked well for me.


Contractions started to come on hard and fast, because it wasn’t a natural labour the contractions ramp up pretty quickly.


By about 12-ish I said to my midwife that I needed something more and could I have the gas, I started on the gas and that helped for about 2 hours. In this time Charl and I really used all of our hypnobirthing techniques. Different positions, breathing and touching. Charl was AMAZING and I honestly wouldn’t have been able to get through those hours without him. He controlled my TENS machine too.

About 2pm I was having no break with the contractions, it was pretty intense and I was feeling like I needed something more. I asked my midwife if I could have some morphine as I presumed I wouldn’t be having Bub any time soon. She gave me the morphine which unfortunately didn’t even touch the sides for me.


At 3pm I requested the epidural, I had enough. Charl asked me if I was sure and I was definitely sure by this stage. The anaesthetist came in a little while later and gave me the epidural which was a game changer for me. I told him that he was an angel (haha) we all laughed and then the mood in the room turned really chilled and zen again. The epidural I got I was able to control myself so every 20 min, I decided when I wanted to give myself more. I could still feel the contractions and my feet the whole time which was a really nice feeling as I still felt in control.


My midwife checked to see how dilated I was and asked if I wanted to know, I said yes. I was 4cm at this stage. I was ok with that. From 3:00pm to 7:30pm I chilled out and we all chatted again and laughed about silly things while listening to my baby play-list. Every midwife and Dr who came into the room would say ‘ I love the vibe in this room’. It was really chilled and I even got a nap in here and there.


At 7:30pm my other midwife took over from my first midwife. She was going to do my second check of my cervix to see how dilated I was. I said if I was 6cm I would be a happy girl. She checked and guess what I was 10CM – yay it’s GO time!!!


I was so happy.

We had an hour before I was going to start pushing so Charl went and got something quickly to eat. Charl walked back in the door at 8:23pm and I started pushing at 8:30pm. I could feel my contractions coming so I knew when to push.


At about 8:45pm my midwife told me I need some more ‘pumping’ music to get me in the pushing mood and we all laughed and I agreed and changed my music to ‘90’s workout beats’……seemed appropriate.


At 9pm bub’s heart rate was a little stressed and we needed to get the little one out soonish, so they talked to me about using a vacuum and then forceps and what was involved in each of them.


The Dr who I had met earlier came in and had a look and we did a few more pushes before he decided to try the vacuum, he informed me of the risks and also told me he would need to do an episiotomy too, which I agreed to both.


3 big pushes and then 2 little pushes and my Bub was out. The Dr said that I pretty much did all the work but the vacuum just gave me a little bit of help.


They held Bub up to Charl and Charl turned to me and said ‘it’s a boy’ what an absolutely beautiful surprise, a healthy boy with a great set of lungs on him. They put my little man on my chest and started with the stitching up of my lady parts, which I wasn’t very focused on because I was staring at my little human on my chest.


Charl and I noticed that our little guy was moving down my chest and we were trying to work out what he was doing, the midwife said he was searching for my boob – how AMAZING. Half an hour on the outside world and he knew what to do.


About an hour later they sat me up and my blood pressure dropped dramatically, my temperature had gone way too high and I was vomiting and felt like I was about to pass out. They called a special ‘code something’ and my midwife said to me in a very calm voice ‘a lot of people are going to rush into the room now but I don’t want you to stress because it’s just what we have to do when your blood pressure drops this low’ 2 min later an army of people rushed into the room. I felt really really off. I’m not sure what they did in that time but there was a lot of people around touching me but I felt really calm because my midwife was next to me the whole time, Charl took the baby and about 10 minutes later I felt a lot better. Apparently later on I was informed that I may have gotten some sort of infection (which isn’t uncommon for women who have an induction).


Hours later everyone had left and it was just my midwife, Charl, our new Bub and me and my midwife and I were talking and she said she was so impressed with how long I went without an epidural and she thinks it was definitely because I was in my zone and Charl and I were able to use our hypnobirthing techniques.

All in all I had a really positive birth experience and 2 days later I was already talking to Charl ‘about when we do this again’ (hahaha poor Charl). What a magical experience and my end goal was ALWAYS just to have my healthy baby here safe and sound and that’s exactly what I go plus a few laughs and happy tears in between xxx


Thank you again Kerry for everything, I didn’t feel scared going into this birth because of everything I learnt at the course so from the bottom of my heart thank you.

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