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Annaliese’s Birth

"Our midwife said she was so happy to have been part of such a lovely birth experience"

Second time parents Vera and Stephen had already had a positive birth experience with their son but they were determined to give pregnancy number two the attention and preparation it deserved also. I contacted them a few weeks before their estimated due date to see how they were doing only to learn that the day before they had met their baby girl…

Hi Kerry, I’m in hospital right now after a wonderful birth bringing our nugget, Annaliese, into the world yesterday! 2 weeks early and perfect!


The pelvic instability I had got a whole lot worse after we met at the course and I had to be on crutches, off work and sleep in a recliner for 10 weeks since turning in bed was excruciating. With physio, chiro, acupuncture, swimming and meditation (including the fear release exercise, I was anxious about not being able to move during labour), but with Stephen’s indefatigable practical support, we got through! Amazingly the pain reduced dramatically during labour and I was able to kneel and squat and get on all fours. The crutches have been banished since the birth – hurray!


It was a spontaneous, natural birth with no pain killers or interventions. We had the tracks playing and Stephen was a trooper with his loving support and mastery of the acupressure points. Our midwife said she was so happy to have been part of such a lovely birth experience. It was speedy too at around 4 hrs with only a little tear.



A huge thank you to you and the course for helping us have such a positive and empowered birthing experience.


With best wishes,


Vera & Stephen

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