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Andreas’ Birth

"My support team was pretty awesome"

This mum and dad did the Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth program with me just a month before their baby arrived….

Hi Kerry ,


I thought u would like to know that me and Stav gave birth to baby Andreas on the 13/9/19 at 3:51am.



I think you will be pleased to know that we used our Hypnobirthing techniques which made for a more positive birthing experience!


I had my diffuser burning essential oils with my hypnobirthing tracks and affirmations in the background with dim lights and my gym ball was my best friend ! I also found my tens machine and sitting in the shower very helpful for my contractions!


In the end I only used gas as pain relief and birthed my baby in a bath, within 2-3 pushes we got to meet our baby and I had minimal tearing!


I have to say my support team was pretty awesome (husband and midwife) don’t think I could’ve done it without them!


Overall thank you for helping us get through this life changing event, happy to have found you! 🙂


Kind regards
Anne & Stav

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