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Andreas’ Birth

"Flo was AMAZING and knew exactly what I needed when I needed it"

Claudia and Flo did the course with me in preparation for their first birth. There birth took a few twists and turns and they needed to work hard, but they got the birth they wanted! Claudia says Flo “was AMAZING and knew exactly what I needed when I needed it!”

Our little man Andreas Sandro Loock has arrived… born 28/01/2021 at 12:58pm weighing 2840grms.

I started getting contractions from 2am on the 27th and we stayed home while they were coming on harder and faster. I took a bath and then around 9am we arrived at hospital.. once we got there my contractions were slowing down! But over that day I had all sorts of ups and downs. I managed to be 4cm dilated by the evening… it then slowed down again! So at 3am on the 28th I accepted an epidural and the drip to assist with opening my cervix. I was exhausted by then so I needed the rest.


I had the epidural and kept the dosage at a light amount. I still felt the contractions and Bub doing his thing.. but no pain.. they checked me at 11am and I was fully dilated.. and started to push.. bubs heart rate dropped though and all of a sudden I had 3 doctors telling me we had to look at a Caesarean… I was devastated…So I was prepped for that but as we moved to another room I could feel more urges to push and Bub moving down… so they had a final check and he was good to go!



They used forceps but two MASSIVE pushes and Andreas was here… all while being on the table for a Caesar! I’m so, so relieved I avoided that in the end…

Thank you so much for everything, I certainly did use many of the techniques from the course 💙

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