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Ahelia’s Birth

"it can only be described as a GREAT birth!"

Our baby girl Ahelia was born a few weeks ago and it can only be described as a GREAT birth!



My membranes released on a Saturday night but with no signs of labour so I spent the Sunday doing lots of things to encourage the onset of labour. The obstetricians and midwives who cared for me were aware of my wishes for birth and gave me time to see if labour would start spontaneously. Due to the time since my waters had released I was administered antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection.



At 1:30am on the Monday morning I started having waves and found myself going into spontaneous labour. At 7:30am I was 3cm and agreed to have my labour augmented. The surges now became much stronger and I used my hypnobirthing techniques to remain calm. Marvin was with me every step of the way and was a wonderful birth partner, and I had my mum massaging me – I actually managed to fall asleep!



My baby’s heartrate remained good throughout – I felt calm and baby felt calm. The midwife was aware of my hypnobirthing approach and was respectful and supportive at all times. At times when I felt like I was going “off-track” they would help to refocus me.


The pushing stage was less than an hour and I did it all without an epidural. That was one of my main goals and so many people commented on how well I coped. The labour from the start of my surges until Ahelia was born was about 12 hours.


I feel positive and so happy and really feel like my body and my baby were working together! I had 2 hours of skin-to-skin after she was born and the whole experience was pretty amazing! Ahelia has been such a great baby so far – she even calms down when we put the hypnobirthing tracks on!


Marvin has taken to fatherhood so well, he is so involved and it was great to have my mum with me too – she was so proud of me and my family have been such a great help since Ahelia was born. She is such a content little baby and the hypnobirthing techniques you taught us can really transform the birth experience into an amazing one!

Verna & Marvin – parents to baby Ahelia

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