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James Alexander’s Birth

"We handled every situation the calmest way possible!"

Here is a great birth story from parents Kathrine & James about the birth of their baby boy James Alexander. It highlights how despite encountering circumstances that changed their original birthing preferences, it is still possible to have a calm, exciting and positive birth experience!

Hi Kerry!


We’re two weeks and few days into this new journey called parenthood. James Alexander has been the biggest blessing we have ever received!


We cannot thank you enough for helping us prepare for his arrival.


The trip to the hospital was the calmest and most exciting drive ever. James made the birthing room as homey and cosy as possible with led candles and oil diffuser. Something that the midwives said doesn’t happen often!


Our labour didn’t go as planned as our little one decided to do his first number 2 while still inside mummy’s tummy. My Obstetrician wanted to induced right away as to avoid prolonged exposure of the baby to his own meconium. But the midwives were very accommodating of our request to wait and see how my surges will go to avoid being induced. However it’s been 4 hrs since I got admitted and I’m not dilating as quick as we hoped for (still at 1cm). My Obstetrician and midwives were concerned already as it has been 8 hrs that the baby has been swimming in his meconium and might end up ingesting it. We decided to be induced to avoid it.


We also ended up getting epidural as the pain was too much for me to handle already. You were right about how frequent and intense each surge becomes after being induced. It was beyond imaginable for me.


The breathing exercises helped me through out the final stage of labour. Baby came out withOUT the use of forceps or ventouse. Practice makes perfect!


With everything that we learned from your class, I am proud to say that from the very start until the time we first held him in our arms, we handled every situation the calmest way possible.


I breathed each surge as best as I can with James by my side. He was the best support I could ever dreamed of having with me through out this journey. We knew what to do in every situation that came our way, and when we were at a crossroad, you were there to answer our call and enlightened us to make the best decision.


James Alexander came into this world in a room filled with calmness, love, and excitement.


We cannot wait for you to meet him. ❤


Kathrine & James.

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