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Alfie’s Birth

"I truely feel like birthing was a positive experience"

The absolutely adorable baby Alfie was born recently and here mum Emily talks about how her planned vaginal breech birth was going so well but ended in a caesarean birth, yet that didn’t stop this hypnobirthing star from having a very positive and inspiring birth….

Hi Kerry. Sorry for the delay, just thought I’d send some pictures and info on the birth of Alfred (Alfie) last week. I can’t believe he’s already 9 days old.


Thank you so much for your guidance and support with our breech baby. I really think that if I hadn’t done the HypnoBirthing course I’d have rather different feeling about the outcome of the birth. Apologies if I’m repeating myself on what you already know regarding the birth story.


On Friday 19th Jan after our follow up session I’d prepared for a house warming party at ours and thought about the new affirmations we discussed. At the end of the party I felt a small amount of liquid and wondered if it could be my waters. Although the amount was negligible, it definitely wasn’t wee or discharge and it kept coming every time I moved (but like I say, it was a really small amount). I slowly started to move people out of the party and pulled my husband aside, asked him to put down the beer in case we needed to go to the hospital. I remember at first thinking, ‘oh crap, what do I do, there are people in the house, I’m tired, I need to clean up, this isn’t supposed to happen for another week or so!?’


Then I immediately smiled and though, if this is it, this is it, bring it.


After clearing out the house at about 11pm I called the hospital, as we were attempting a natural breech birth they’d asked us to give them a shout as soon as we thought we might be in labour. The hospital staff were really relaxed and said to come in and they’d check me out to see what’s going on. Chris roughly finished packing the bag while I sat and relaxed. I told him not to bother with half the stuff as i felt like I’d be coming home in an hour or so anyway. We took an uber to the hospital and as I got out of the car I took 2 steps when my waters really really broke. There was no question or doubt in my mind then, baby was enroute. Despite having a laminated hospital bag packing list, we of course forgot half the contents. With a natural breech attempt they like to monitor any contractions and bubs heart rate continually on mobile devices to check all is in order. So they had me tucked up in bed with a cup of tea and some monitors. At about 2:30am I think I started to feel some contractions which came about every 10minutes and I managed to sleep in between each one. Having downloaded the HypnoBirthing tracks onto my phone I found it really helpful to have them playing through the night. They really kept me relaxed, especially the affirmations. Relaxing into each contraction I felt in control and content that my body knew what to do.


By 7am they were coming every 5-7mins and felt stronger but in my docile relaxed state I don’t really remember. I let the midwife know things had ramped up since I was admitted and they got me going comfortable in the delivery suite advising that the breech specialist was enroute and there were two breech attempts happening that day.


At 08:30am I was examined and was 4cms. My husband had set up the room into a relaxed environment and was launching into some light tough massage which really helped. However, we’d forgotten the heat packs.


Just when I was getting into my ‘marathon mindset’ things sped up. A lot. Maybe I should have prepared for a sprint? By 11am I was at 10cm and was ready to push. Breathing and vocalising through each surge really helped but I could tell the endorphins had kicked in. Everything else was still and it felt like i was only concentrating on 1 thing which was getting through each surge. Saying to myself, ‘if I got through the last one, I’ll get through this one’ helped although I was surprised how quickly they’d ramped up. At one point I said I couldn’t do it, not recognising that I was in transition. I asked for gas, had one blow and spat it out, I think it was easier with nothing.


Once I’d started to breath the baby down things felt quite different, slower and more time between surges for which I was thankful for. The drs were very hopeful and commented that everything was ‘textbook’. I even felt my baby’s bum with my hand which was encouraging. However, the babies heart rate began to drop and very quickly the specialist advised I was going to be taken in for a cesarean. I don’t remember much else, other than feeling like I totally trusted the team to make the safest decision for my baby. The babies heart rate dropped again and there was no time for an epidural. I was put under general anaesthetic and my baby was delivered at 12:07 without me even being awake or my husband in the room.


None of that mattered, my baby boy was healthy, happy and safe. When I awoke 2hrs later I was united with my baby who immediately fed and settled on my chest.
HypnoBirthing really helped me ‘calmly accept whatever turn my birthing took’. If I’d have known that my first birthing experience would have ended like this I’d have never believed it but it was still a positive experience. Just to have my boy healthy and with me is all that matters. I’m not going to pretend that being rushed into theatre isn’t traumatic. Hearing words fly around like ‘don’t push, no time for epidural, we need to get her under now’, are things that will stay with me but trusting the medical team looking after me I truely feel like birthing was a positive experience. No I didn’t have my dream water birth surrounded by candles, letting the surges pass silently with my husband at my side for the delivery but I got my baby, healthy, bright eyed and hungry. It doesn’t mean that I can’t aim for that next time.


Thanks again for your support. I have been recommending your course for my prospective mums-to-be in Sydney.


Best, Emily & Chris.

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