“She won’t blow her own trumpet but she was amazing!” – Renee & Sam’s birth of Skyla Anne.

First-time parents Renee & Sam attended the hypnobirthing course with me in their second trimester. Renee had recently been advised she had gestational diabetes and the topic of induction was already been discussed with her.

Fast forward a couple of months and their beautiful baby girl Skyla decided she was keen to be welcomed into the world before her estimated due date and the discussion about induction was no longer even needed!!!


Here are some snippets of what the proud new parents had to say about the birth…

  • “Our little hypno bub arrived yesterday at 9.22am 💕 no name yet 🙈!
  • But we managed to do it ‘au natural’ (tens machine + gas) and no induction
  • Contractions started Monday evening. Finally went into hospital at 5.45am.
  • 9.5cm dilated when we got to hospital.
  • Only used gas and TENS machine. Managed to push out the ‘little’ one at 9.22am.
  • Weight was 3.78kg, 54.5cm which is apparently quick tall.
  • She won’t blow her own trumpet but she was amazing!
  • Such an amazing effort by Renee – thanks for the great guidance Kerry!
  • Happy hormones are running for sure!!”

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