What was your hypno-birth like?

So I’m sure you may be wondering, what IS birth like when you use hypnobirthing to prepare?

From my own personal experience (3 babies in 33 months – I think I became a little bit addicted to birth I loved it that much!) I can tell you it is:

  • an amazing experience
  • intense and needs you to work with it
  • powerful but rewarding
  • calm
  • about making informed choices
  • a bonding experience for you and your partner

But I’m sure you’d like to hear from some of my clients too and how they view birth…


Click the below links to also hear what some of my hypnobirthing clients have to say about:

How did you hear about hypnobirthing?

How were you feeling about birth BEFORE you did the course?

What were the main things you took away from the course?

How did you use hypnobirthing to prepare for birth?

What giving birth like hypnobirthing style?

What’s the biggest lesson birth taught you?

How did hypnobirthing help your partner support you during birth?

What advice would you offer to other pregnant women?


Kerry Sutcliffe is an award winning hypnobirthing practitioner based in Sydney. She provides group and private hypnobirthing and childbirth education courses to pregnant women and their birth partner, and can also offer online programs. She has a background in counselling and psychology and currently works as a researcher in the school of medicine at a Sydney based university researching how antenatal education impacts birthing outcomes for mothers and babies.

You can find out more about Kerry and the courses she offers at:

Who is The Hypnobirthing Mum? 

Hypnobirthing and childbirth education courses

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