Birth Stories

Today I thought I would write about the topic of writing birth stories!

As soon as I became pregnant I instinctively knew I wanted to keep a record of all the little details associated with the pregnancy and birth and immediately started jotting down notes about what date we found out we were pregnant and how we announced the news to family and friends. I continued this throughout the pregnancy – how we felt when we first saw that little jellybean on the screen at the first scan, our predictions of whether it was a boy or girl, keeping photos of my ever-growing bump, and finding little poems that summed up how we felt about our baby’s impending birth. 

And then following the birth I wrote up all the little details including the obvious details such as how long labour lasted, what time our baby was born, how much she weighed, hair and eye colour etc.

But subtly tucked amongst our memoirs were the feelings we had experienced – the elation at meeting our newborn, how amazing the birth had been, how well my husband has supported me throughout, and how empowered I had felt! Feelings that before doing a hypnobirthing course I never thought were associated with birth (I had previously imagined I would look back on the experience as extremely painful, emotionally draining, loooooong, and involving lots of swearing). And if I’m honest, even walking into the hospital (unknowingly 10cm dilated BTW!) I didn’t know how things were going to go, I still hadn’t done this before and lacked some confidence about my ability to do it.

But thankfully, as well as spending hours and hours researching what pram and car seat to buy and getting the nursery ready, I had also invested in myself and my baby’s birth. I had spent time (and yes money) on a hypnobirthing course so that I had skills, techniques and knowledge to use during the birth. Things that ultimately reduced the fear I associated with birth and armed me with strategies of how to manage whatever birth my baby would have. Things that subsequently meant when writing up my birth story meant I wrote positively and passionately about how amazing this experience had been! The experience of having my baby, which I knew I only had one shot at and could never go back and ‘re-do’, was now one that I can always remember with a massive smile on my face and more admiration for what I achieved than I have ever had for anything else I have done in my life! I have had 3 different birthing experiences and hypnobirthing has helped me to have 3 wonderful birth stories!

If any previous clients would like to share their birth story (mums or dads) then please email them to

You can also view birth stories and testimonials on The Hypnobirthing Mum website and Facebook pages.

Kerry xx

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