Why I Teach Hypnobirthing?

I feel passionately about teaching Hypnobirthing to expectant mothers and birth partners because I was once in their situation and I know how much value this technique can add to making it a wonderful experience for mother, baby and partner. Leading up to the birth of my daughter Hollie I felt a mixture of emotions that swayed between excitement at meeting my baby and fear of the unknown. When I thought about the impending birth I tried to dismiss negative thoughts that had built up in my mind due to stories people had told me or from what I had seen on TV or movies with the belief that “it would be fine, woman have been doing this for centuries, it’s the most natural thing in the world!” Yet I had nothing other than these few simple thoughts to help me get through it. In all other aspects of my life if I was about to do something for the first time I would prepare for it, educate myself and formulate a plan – this was what I needed for giving birth!

Hypnobirthing provided me with the knowledge, techniques and strategy that made me feel prepared and confident about going into labour and giving birth to my daughter. And what a wonderfully empowering experience it was! Hollie was born into a calm, positive and joyful environment. The skills I gained from hypnobirthing were useful not just during the birth but also during pregnancy and in motherhood and I used them with great success in having two more beautiful births with my children Bethany and Jack!

Before embarking on a hypnobirthing course I never would have dreamt that giving birth could be so empowering and enjoyable – women everywhere need to be given the opportunity to experience this truly magnificent experience!!!

Kerry – ‘The Hypnobirthing Mum’


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