3 children, 3 stories – the power of hypnobirthing in different birthing experiences!

Leading up to the birth of my first child I completed a HypnoBirthing course for many reasons – to reduce the fear I had associated with birth due to other people’s stories of childbirth, to provide myself with tangible techniques that I could use during the birth, and to help create a calm environment for my child to be born into. I also had a birth-plan that set out my desire to have a drug-free waterbirth. Sitting here now having had three children in under three years, I can testify that children (especially toddlers!!) often interfere with your plans – HypnoBirthing, however, is even more useful under these circumstances!

Now bare with me while I briefly talk you through the different scenarios I encountered as despite these I can genuinely say I DID have three wonderful births.

In the lead up to my first baby, my daughter Hollie was still in a breech position at 38 weeks and I opted for an ECV (external cephalic version where they turn the baby whilst they are in utero) which was successful and I then had a wonderful birth but subsequently had a retained placenta and needed surgery. My second daughter Bethany decided Mummy’s uterus was a very hospitable place and at 12 days overdue I made the choice to be induced. And with my little boy Jack I finally had the water-birth I had dreamt of since the moment I first saw two lines on a pregnancy test!!

So how did HypnoBirthing help me manage these experiences? More than I ever thought imaginable!

Initially I had pinned all my thoughts on the actual act of giving birth yet with the unexpected decision to have my first child turned whilst in the womb I instinctively used the techniques I had gained from Hypnobirthing to manage this. The techniques I had learnt such as breathing, and visualisation assisted me throughout the ECV and during the surgery I had due to a retained placenta. Likewise, my labour progressed quickly after being induced with my second child, but again, Hypnobirthing succeeded in handling this. And even though I had the birth I had always wanted with my third baby, I then had three young children who are all reliant on me and the relaxation techniques hypnobirthing gave me have been used in abundance since!

When I first began hypnobirthing classes I never imagined that it would help in so many ways and that regardless of what your birthing experience turns out to be, it truly can be an empowering and positive occasion.

I wouldn’t change anything about the three births I have experienced. I have had three different birth experiences and each one taught me something about how amazing the female body is and that no matter how a baby decides to enter this world hypnobirthing can be useful before, during and after their arrival.

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